Things to Do Before Taking Car into Auto Body Paint Shop

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Things to Do Before Taking Car to Auto Body Paint Shop

How good the result of car paint will be affected by the preparation process. Selecting good-quality of coat perhaps becomes an important matter when doing auto paint duty. However, the last layer of paint applied in the car will similarly important to prepare you have done. Before deciding to take your car into auto body paint shop, these are some preparation efforts you can do.

Do Any Preparation Required!

Car panel is an important part which commonly needs reparation and it affects how effective the paint job performed. Besides, the success of auto painting will depend on the dents removal done in the preparation. To begin the preparation, you can make the car sanded first. Sanding should be done in the area of dents with the orbital sander as well as a particular type of sanding disc. You have to convince that the previous paint-focused about four inches from the dent. Then, body filler coat can be applied lightly and let it dry first. After that use sanding block and sanding paper to rub the filler in order to get a smooth and flat surface. Do the last filler with suitable sanding paper to remove any scratch in the filler.

Prepare The Panel

If the preparation already is done, you can use an orbital sander, sanding disc, and feather beyond the edge of paint close to filler in order to make sure the surface completely flat. You have to make sure to remove any scratch or other flaw made during paintwork. The panel sign will be inserted using P800 paper or fine quality of scotch bright for an alternative choice. Compressed air is often used to take off the dust from the panel as well as wiping the area using a degreaser or lint-free body paint shop

Prim and Flat Session

One the next session, you can mask roughly the area near the edges of filler as well as a paperback the same place. It is important to give overspray prevention in the connected panels. Start with good-quality of primer and continue by applying three plenty amount of coats. Let the coats dry completely. The majority of primers need around six hours to dry at room temperature. When the primer is dry, use rubber sanding block and P800 paper to take off the primer carefully. Check the flatness of repair using hand and recheck to find any scratch that needs to remove in the painting process.

Mask Application

Remove excessive dust with compressed air as well as decrease the panel. This will make the panel clean within preparation process so that it does not leave any trace. With the great quality tape, mask off the whole panel thoroughly and use paper to sheet back. Spread polythene sheeting over the car during painting to prevent it from overspray into the other panels.

A Final Step of Cleaning

Degrease should be done prior to the painting process. Prepare two pieces of lint-free fabric as well as a degreaser to vanish all the traces from a panel. If this process finish, use a tack-fabric and wipe the whole panels gently. It will make the left reside over the pad can help to clean any trace from dust which still exists.

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