Nearest Auto Body Shop in Jakarta and Central Java

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Nearest Auto Body Shop In Jakarta And Central Java

There are times when you need to check the condition of your vehicle periodically and go to the nearest auto body shop, rather you need to go by yourself only for visiting. Besides, there are many things to consider regarding the repairing system in order to get maximum results including the chassis and body balance, the wheels which are not symmetrical, the space between the front chair and your feet are different. You are currently around Jakarta area, it is recommended for you to visit carbodyrepair21. This auto body shop offers you with several services and interesting programs including:

Beringin Motor

Buy 1 get 1 free (only valid 1x and This program will be your best deal when you want your bikes fixed. On the other hand, this protection is free of charge). Below are some requirements to join this program:

  1. protection guarantee will be given to those whose car is broken, about to finish the renovation, those who damaged it again in the same location.
  2. The protection is not for exchanging parts
  3. The time period of this protection is over within a month after the first repair
  4. The protection is only valid 1 time
  5. For the vehicles who have vehicle insurance policy, the free charge only applies to own risk expenses that previously became the expense of the policyholder. The amount corresponds to what is stated in the policy. Meanwhile, the cost of the repairs will only be borne by the insurance company.

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A high quality of A Painting

The perfection of painting color is determined by the way of the tinting color blends well with the color mixing machine. This workshop has involved the color mixing machine, water base painting technology

Delivery Service

As we all know that almost every road in Jakarta is very crowded, thus, you can also enjoy the free delivery service that can help you to fix your car until it works as normal. The car will be delivered back soon right after the administration requirement meets and the payment has been completed.

Modern Technology

The auto body workshop is not identical with a dusty and messy area. While nowadays, that condition is no longer similar. With the technology, such as hydraulic body jack and, painting inside the oven technology,

Berdikari Auto Repair

If you are living in central java and has some issue on your vehicle, then the best answer must be berdikari auto repair. What makes this store close to you is that this auto repair shop is also available in several cities in central java including brebes, purbalingga, ciamis, cilacap, banjarnegara, wonosobo and majenang. The auto repair is done by competent resources that have 2 certifications cluding from Sikkens. This what makes that berdikari auto repair becomes one of SIBEC (Sikens Bodyshop Executive club).

Those are all the 2 most recommended nearest auto body shape you can visit for periodical checking, especially when you are around Jakarta and central Java area, that includes the interesting program as well as services you can choose.

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