How to Open Auto Repair Body Shop for Beginners

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How to Open Auto Repair Body Shop for Beginners

Along with the increase of motor vehicles’ ownership, it is reasonable if the demands of auto repair body shop tend to be improved as well. Actually, it can be a promising business for many of you. Particularly, it is when you still don’t find any workshop around a certain area. Indeed, starting all of them is not something easy for the beginners. Well, if you are interested in establishing your own workshop business, make sure you implement some matters below.

Acknowledge the Details of Automotive

This is the most important thing of all. This list of tips is indeed not for you who don’t have any knowledge or are not interested in the world of automotive. Of course, it is because you basically need to learn about this and that in details. It is so good then if you have taken a course in automotive so that this business can just be started as soon as possible. But if you are not, the first step to take is taking the course for sure. In another word, knowledge is the basic capital for auto repair business despite the money.Auto Repair Body Shop

Prepare Strategic Place

Another essential point before opening the workshop is this place. No matter how expensive it is, you are better to choose a place located in the visible and reachable area. It is a different case if you want to open the branch later. When this first business has been successful, it is probably not a big deal if the branch is not really strategic since the customers may look for you. But in the beginning, it is not something optional; a strategic place is a must.

Hire a Professional Worker

Technically, we may know well how to repair the cars or motorcycles. But it is still suggested to hire a worker that is experienced and professional as well. You can only hire one in the beginning. Make sure that he can work well, come on time, and know how to work with the machines. Of course, you may pay more and even prepare extra bonus for his professionalism. Since there is only a person, it seems it is not really difficult for you to spend money. When you have cooperated with your friend for this business, it is possible to start it without any work as long as both of you can just handle the works by yourself.

Find a Trusted Spare Parts’ Supplier

Next, make sure to have a good cooperation with a supplier of spare parts. There should be three or four suppliers on your hands at the beginning. Then, select one of them that are really trusted and reputable. Yes, the supplier must work with you for a long time so that trust and cooperation become important things here. Of course, there should be another backup supplier to avoid any unexpected things happened later.


Lastly, promote your workshop well. It is lucky for you since social media can be free platforms to advertise your business. Meanwhile, you can also gain potential customers from the realms of public transportation like taxi and others. Yes, gives them discounts and ultimate services when they come to your workshop.

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