2 Best Auto Body Shop In Indonesia

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2 Best Auto Body Shop In Indonesia

Are you looking for the best auto body shop in town? If yes, chances are for you with tons of recommended stores to visit. Finding the best auto body shop may be tricky and difficult since it not only covers the suitable parts but also the way it takes care of the vehicle in their workshop. Speaking of an auto body shop, it no longer talks about how modern the machine used, but nowadays is more on how flexible the service to cope with customers needs. Not to mention the trend of using mobile application which can be the plus point for the customer prefers one service compare to another. Below are several lists of the best auto body shop available in Indonesia including


Almost every Indonesian people might have been familiar with this company’s name, however, not all people know the details of the programs and services that are offered to the customers. For the body repair products, it includes anti-rust, scotch bright, spray booth, injector cleaner, hand cleaner, double taped masking film, dry sanding, paper sands, pre-taped masking film, sea plants, and painting.

Not only offering you with the body repair product, this company also offers the customers with car care products, 3M rugs, paint protection, 3M auto film, office supplies, building maintenance, medical equipment, 3M safety equipment, industry, and manufacture. You can also try to find other items on a stock which is available or not. The best point that 3M has to offer to the customer is that the easy access for the customer to get the 3M products becomes favorable products among other auto body shops.best auto body shop

Beringin Motor

If you are currently in Jakarta city and looking for the best auto body shop, then coming or calling Beringin motor is an easy way out. Located in Kebon Jeruk area, this auto body shop surely becomes your solution whenever you are facing problems with your vehicles. There are many reasons not to skip this auto body shop for taking care of your vehicles. First of all, Beringin motor always tries its best to deliver the best quality and services to their customer. Several top services that Beringin motor offers are including delivery service (means that the technician is always welcome to go to your house or wherever your car is to fix). Second, the customer can also enjoy 24-hour service for a tow truck. Besides, another service highlight is this auto body shop store also offers the customer with the amazing 1 day finished service for fixing your vehicles. Not to mention also the waiting room which is comfortable for the customer waiting their vehicles fixed. Next, the on-time service is one of the commitments that the company has to offer to their customer. Last but not least, this auto body shop also tries to keep updated with the latest technology by using modern technology for fixing the customer’s vehicles.

Those are all the 2 best auto body shop available in Indonesia as your reference for fixing your vehicles.

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