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Tips for Auto Body Shop: Painting And Repairing

When a car is damaged because of an accident, people usually choose auto body shop as the solution. Certainly, there are many shops, which can give you good quality of work. Supported by many new and modern technologies, nowadays many shops are capable of giving the customer satisfying result. However, it does not mean that all of them can work well then give you the pleasing outcome. If you do not want to have disappointment in the end, it is better for you to know the characteristics of a good shop. Here are some of the tips, which we can share.

Auto Body Paint Shopauto body shop and paint shop

To find the best shop of auto body paint, you can take the following tips as your guide:

1. Listen to Other People’s Recommendation

Information is not what you can have by surfing on the internet only. Sometimes, the most accurate and trustable information might flow with the wind from one mouth to another. Therefore, talking about a trusted and best shop for auto body paint with your relatives, friends, or neighbor is worth to try. Find some people who ever had an experience with a shop for auto body paint. Ask them whether the service and result are satisfying or not. Get any information you want. It can be from the price, the quality of paint finishes, or even the guarantees

2. Make Sure That It Is Industry Recognized

The second way is by making sure whether the shop you are going to choose is recognized by a highly regarded trade organization or association from a master of craftsmen or not. This is due to the fact that nowadays, most skilled trades are governed by organizations, which specially dedicated to maintaining business with high standards only.

3. Know The Quality of The Materials

Before making a deal with the shop. First, you need to know the type of materials it uses as well. for a recommendation, it is better to choose a shop, which uses waterborne color materials compared to shop, which uses isocyanate-based paints. For more information, paint, which is made from water-borne color materials, is also safer for the environment. Besides that, a good company will also use well quality equipment and tools.

4. Mind About Its Cleanliness

This point refers to the condition of the shop you will choose. If all the surroundings are littered with tools, equipment, or even masking paper, then there will be a high chance that the employees do not really concerned about their work condition. For that reason, there will also be a high possibility that they are unconcerned with the whole quality of your vehicles. To sum up, before you sign, it might be better to take a good look at the shop. You can go ahead if the workplace is tidy, clean, and show a good indication of commitment to well quality.

5. Take A Look At The Sample of The Finished Work

If you want to convince yourself for more, you can just ask the employees to show you one of their finished works. Through this way, you can inspect the paintwork quality by yourself. For a suggestion, you can check whether it has grit or dust or not. Seeing the blended color is also another thing you should not miss. Check whether the company can give well-blended colors or perform good edge to edge basis or not.

Auto Body Repair Shop

auto body shop and repair shop

After knowing all the tips to get the best shop for auto body paint, then it is also important for you for not missing the tips to have a good choice of a shop for auto body repair. However, this time we will focus more on giving the tips of saving more money while choosing the best shop.

1. Checking The Rates of The Labor

First of all, you need to know that auto body repairs actually cost higher than body repairs. No matter which one you choose, it is important for you to check the rates of the shop firstly. Here, you can have a data to compare and choose what will you take. After you are making a deal then have your car finished, you need to check the bill as well. It is to make sure that you get the correct charge.

2. Get The Help From Paintless Dent Repair

If you only want to have small repair, then you can save more of your money by choosing paintless dent repair. This choice is cheaper compared to traditional auto body repairs, however, it can still give you a satisfying result. By using paintless dent repair, you can have the technicians repairing the dents with no need of sanding, painting, or even performing body filler.

3. Do It Yourself

Well, a solution for almost any problems to save more money is by doing it by yourself. If your vehicles are only having minor scratches, then fixing it by yourself will not be so hard, moreover, it is cheaper. The first thing, which you need to do, is just finding the right paint code of your car and find the paint for touching up. Next, you can add it with ultra fine 2000 grit sandpaper combined with soapy water. It is to remove the scratch on your vehicle. After that, apply the touch-up paint then rub the compound when it is dry. This step is to blend the finish and voila, no more scratches on your vehicle.

4. Replacing Or Repairing

In some cases, repairing things can be more expensive than replacing it with a new one. When you have damaged parts in your vehicle, first you need to find sufficient information about the cost for both situations; replacing it or repairing it. After gaining the information, you will have a good foundation to chose whether to replace or repair it. For example, if the damaged part is the fenders or bumpers, then it will cost a lot of money if you choose to repair it. It is better for you to just replace it with the new one.